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Film Excerpts: The Story of Arie Lewin

The Task of Building a Country: From the Malevolence of Mein Kampf to the Heroism of the Mossad

The Arie Lewin Story - Excerpt 1 of 3 - Nazi Youth sing Jew Hatred Song

1933: Germany's Jew hatred grows. Nine year old Arie Lewin is subjected to this horrific antisemitic music sung by Germany's Nazi Youth. Arie is enrolled in the Youth Aliyah Zionist program as World War 2 approaches.

The Arie Lewin Story - Excerpt 2 of 3 - 1943 Undercover Hagana/MI6 assignment in Egypt

1943: With Rommel sweeping through North Africa, the British Intelligence Agency, MI6, is impressed with Arie Lewin's Hagana activities and asks him to volunteer for a dangerous undercover mission. Acting as a German prisoner of war, his assignment is to identify German officers planning an escape from a British POW camp in Egypt.

The Arie Lewin Story - Excerpt 3 of 3 - UIA/UJA Leo Marcus and the risks of State Building

Leo Marcus, former head of UIA/UJA Canada, recalls that Arie Lewin could for-see the end of the Jewish people if the May 14 1948 Israel state building experiment were to fail. "Another Holocaust and we would take our place as a dinosaur within history."

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