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Film Credits: The Story of Arie Lewin

Mickey Lewin, Arie Lewin

Produced and Narrated by Mickey Lewin

"Arie hoped to inspire others to continue the task by tape-recording his story before he died. That's why I made this movie."

Mickey's father, Arie, was only 15 years old when he left Nazi Germany for Palestine in 1938. Gerda, his mother, was only 11 years old when she ventured to Palestine in 1938.

Mickey's father dedicated his entire life to the state of Israel. Both parents instilled many important values in Mickey including the strong love for Israel.

Born in Haifa, Israel in 1957, Mickey became involved with music and entertainment as a teenager.

In 1979, after serving in a combat unit in the Israel Defence Forces, Mickey moved to Canada and continued his career in music production and entertainment. Mickey visits Israel frequently and keeps close contact with his family and friends. His company, The Ultimate Sound Productions, is involved in the music entertainment industry in Canada and Israel.

Mickey married his wife, Francine in 1983 and they live in Thornhill, Ontario with three beautiful daughters; Tamar, Tali and Naomi.

Written and Directed by Alan Cohen

Alan Cohen

Why was this story so important?

It has been my privilege to portray the lives of people and create legacies typically to be passed along to relatives, children, grandchildren and perhaps generations to come. This particular story was more than a privilege. It was an obligation. I never met Arie Lewin but from his son, his daughter, his wife and his own recordings, I came to know him and feel the responsibility of passing on his challenge. Arie's raison d'être was and is the raison d'être of the State of Israel. The two are intimately intertwined and intermingled and, by portraying a person, I have been able to bring a history to life, to give it a real face. It took more than a year for Mickey and me to compile and present this story. And if you are inspired half as much as I was, it will have been worth every minute. -- Alan Cohen

Alan's career has taken him in some very different directions--social work on one side, computer development on the other. Add in an interest in photography and the result is a rather strange mixture. But it was the right mixture. Alan chose to "retire" because his professional activities were getting in the way of what he really wanted to do--tell stories.

Since 2001 Alan has met some interesting people. They had stories to tell.--stories that needed to be told. Alan's challenge, How to put those stories on film? Sometimes the story needs to be told to children and grandchildren. Sometimes the story needs to be told to the world.

You've heard the expression: "If a tree falls in the forest and there's nobody there, did it make any sound?" Well, Alan think it's important to make a sound and hold onto its echo.

  • Morris used to sing a song for children. Many of those children are now collecting old age pensions. He still sings that song today.
  • Paul used to ride the bus with Albert Einstein.
  • Strange as it may seem, it was only because Marty's family was in the dry cleaning business that he discovered that "plastics" would become so profitable.
  • Tilly's bicycle had no tires because the Nazis confiscated all the rubber in Amsterdam. Still, she and that bicycle brought home 20 kilos of potatoes. It was a good trade. The house no longer had drapes but the family had something to eat.
  • As a teenager, Rudolph (who would later become Arie) was puzzled that Jewish soldiers from one country would fight and kill Jewish soldiers from another country. Add the fact that both countries hated Jews and puzzlement becomes absurdity.

Alan Cohen has been an active volunteer at Baycrest in Toronto, Ontario, for nearly nine years. When his mother- in-law was at Baycrest Hospital, he and his wife Helen would visit her every day, since they live so close by. They became so impressed with Baycrest that they each became volunteers. After she passed away, they felt so attached to Baycrest that they continued. Sometimes coming several times a week, Alan has logged over 2,500 volunteer hours.

Copyright 2011 by Alan Cohen and Mickey Lewin. All rights reserved.