arie lewin
arie lewin

The Story of Arie Lewin: An Overview from 1923 - 2004

The Task of Building a Country: From the Malevolence of Mein Kampf to the Heroism of the Mossad

Arie Lewin was born in Berlin, Germany, September 23rd, 1923. He belonged to the Zionist Youth Movement (known later as Young Judea).

He moved to Palestine in 1938 as part of the Youth Aliya (Aliyat Hanoar).

Arie served in the British Army, Mishteret Hayeshuvim (field police), and the Haganah. He was an arms and weapons instructor, as well as communication coordinator between several kibbutzim and settlements in the Galilee (Sarid, Kfar Hachoresh, Yagur). He volunteered to serve with the British Army Intelligence Corps, in the capacity of a disguised German soldier in POW camps in North Africa. He risked his life gathering intelligence information for the British Army. For this he was honoured with the British Army equivalent of the Purple Heart.

When Zahal (the Israel Defense Forces) was established he was enlisted and took part in the War Of Independence battles to free Haifa, Tira and surrounding areas. He took part in the Chiram Operation as an infantry commander and later as operations officer in the battles to free the northern part of Israel. He was involved with purchasing arms from the British Army.

Arie served for 30 years in the Intelligence Corps of the IDF (in active duty and reserve) in many different capacities. He also served in the Mossad (1961 - 1964). Arie was an original founder and head instructor of the IDF Intelligence Officers Course. He served as Commanding Intelligence Officer of Northern Command.

Just before the Sinai Campaign (1956), Arie implemented and coordinated the decoy attack on Jordan which enabled the successful attack on Egypt.

In 1964 Lt. Colonel Arie Lewin, served as Commander in Chief of the IDF Foreign Attaches Command.

Arie completed his IDF service in 1969.

From 1969 - 1979 Arie served as Director of Fundraising for Keren Hayesod in both the Jerusalem and Tel Aviv branches. He continued in this position in Canada from 1979 - 1984.

Lt. Colonel Arie Lewin served the State of Israel since 1938.

Arie Lewin earned a total of fourteen army and combat commendations, seven from the British Army and seven from the IDF.

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