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The Task of Building a Country: The Story of Arie Lewin

From the Malevolence of Mein Kampf to the Heroism of the Mossad

In 1948, after thousands of years of expulsion from Israel, Jews from around the world achieve the unbelievable and re-create their independent homeland: the modern day State of Israel.

Arie Lewin was one of those state-builders. Born in 1923, he left Nazi Germany in 1938, moved to Palestine and dedicated his entire life to the establishment, defence, and global promotion of Israel. Arie passed away in his beloved Israel in 2004.

The film, "The Task of Building a County", narrated and produced by Arie's son, Mickey Lewin and written and directed by Alan Cohen, documents a fascinating life story intertwined with the story of the establishment of the State of Israel.

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The goal of this movie is to inspire you.

Its focus is both biographic and historic: the story of a man named Arie Lewin and a young country named Israel.

You will hear the song that the Hitler Youth sang as they paraded down Arie's street. Perhaps you will begin to appreciate the impact it had on that young child. Perhaps you will begin to understand why, a few years later, he set upon himself the task of building a young country.

He was 15 years old when he came to Palestine in 1938. And until the day he died, he never lost sight of that task. We will follow his life from Germany to Palestine and his career from young kibbutznik to Hagana, British Army, IDF, IDF Intelligence, Mossad, Foreign Liaison, United Israel Appeal, writer and spokesman.

Much of Arie's life story is the story of modern Israel. To us, it is history. To Arie, it is what he did.

This documentary is entirely accurate. Its goal was not to be historically exhaustive but rather to be very real and very human. You may even learn some things you won't find in the text books.

Arie hoped to inspire others to continue the task by tape-recording his story before he died. That's why I made this movie.

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Copyright 2011 by Alan Cohen and Mickey Lewin. All rights reserved.